2006 31/08

The end of Summer

Yesterday was the last day of our Summer Session of Kindermusik — Sing & Sign.  It’s always fun to take a class at Kindermusik because it gives Abbi some time with other kids near her age and me some time with other moms.  Unfortunately we will not be taking a class this fall.  I think it would be best if save, rather than spend, that money until HHP gets off the ground a little more.  Thankfully I’ve picked up some more work but that will only last through the fall.  But I’m optimistic that by then we will have sold both the 15th Street House and the Hamilton House.

As I sit her writing I have all of the windows open, allowing some fresh air to blow through our house.  It is finally cool enough that we no longer need the air conditioning on.  I love this time of year!  Fall is actually my favorite season.  As much as I love the warm weather of summer, I do love the fresh crisp air of Fall….I love wearing jeans & t-shirts & sweatshirts!  I’m not sure if it is the weather changing or the ‘Back to School’ push or that this is Labor Day weekend, but it definitely feels like the end of Summer.  Ok, to be honest, I think the best part about Fall is the return of good television — Survivor (which we’ll talk about later), Amazing Race, Lost!  Yes, I enjoy the Saturday afternoon Hope football games, the cool weather, the leaves changing colors, but when you’re stuck at home in the evenings because your child goes to bed at 7pm, it’s nice to have some quality TV to watch!

There is so much I want to do with Abbi this Fall, being that it’s her first Fall — hayrides, Crane’s Orchard, Hope football games, dressing her up in a funny Halloween costume, watching her make faces as she tries her first Thanksgiving dinner….fun!

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