2006 20/09

Future street fighter

I knew it would happen sooner or later now that Abbi is self-mobile.  This morning she was crawling around and pulling herself up on the dining room chairs.  Well, she forgot about the whole concept of letting go of the chair before she plops back down on her butt, thus bringing the chair down on top of her.  She was quite the trooper though because she didn’t really cry much, just a little because it scared her.  Now, as the day goes on, it looks like she has been in a playground brawl.  I wish I could say had taken on the playground bully, defending the right of the littler ones to use the swings too.  Or that she had rescued a small kitten from a fire, but not the case.  Just a nice little incident of being a baby on the move.

Poor little girl has a bruise smack dab in the middle of  her forehead at her hairline, one by her eyebrow, another right below her eye, and the final one just an inch down on her cheek.   And of course they are noticeable from 20 feet away on her pale white skin.  Every time I see those little bruises on her smiling face I am reminded that my baby really isn’t a baby anymore.  It really makes me want to nail everything down to the floor and cover every corner or hard edge with padding 2 feet thick.  I know that this is just one of many sets of bruises to come, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Although, I am encouraged on how tough my little girl is and that she gets over her injuries pretty quickly.


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