2006 04/09

Happy Labor Day

I love holidays that give my husband the day off from work and allows us to just veg and be together as a family!  I think I also like Labor Day because it is the unofficial start of Fall.  Today even smelled like Fall — sunny days with just a slight crisp in the air.

So, our weekend was pretty laid back but really good.  Tim and I took Abbi over to visit my parents on Saturday.  It was really low key, which was nice!  However, my dear mom taught Abbi how to climb stairs while we were there.  Leave it to the grandparents to spoil them rotten and teach them all the naughty stuff!  So, today, while we were playing games with the Powers family in our basement, Abbi decides to start climbing up our stairs.  She made it half-way up the stairs before she decided to take a break.  No fear and very speedy.  Yup, I’m in trouble!  And, of course, she did not want any help (nor did she need it) while climbing.  Oh, my little Miss Independent!

On a side note, yesterday was my baby sister’s birthday.  She is now 26.  We are exactly 14 months (to the day & minute) apart in age.  She’s the one in the brides maid’s dress sporting the tattoo on her right shoulder.  Just another example of how we are completely opposite:  She has all of her tattoos in very visible places, while I, being a bit more conservative, have mine in places not easily visible to the general public.  I really hope that she had a good time visiting my parents today because she’s had a bit of a rough week.  Happy Birthday Ter!  Love you!


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