2006 13/09

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With the start of the Fall TV season, there seems to be quite a bit to talk about.  Like most people, I have my own opinions and, since this is my blog, you get to read all about mine!  I’d love to hear your opinions so leave me a comment or two or three!

Survivor — This season the creators of Survivor have decided to divide up the contestants based on race.  There are four groups:  “African-American, Latinos, Asian-American, and whites” (I prefer the term European-American.  I mean, let’s be real.  How many African-Americans or Asian-Americans were actually born in Asia or Africa.  Why should Caucasians or European-Americans be the only group referred to by the color of their skin.  Let’s be fair across the board…..ok, enough of that rant!)

The creators of Survivor have come under scrutiny the past few years for not incorporating enough racial diversity into the cast.  Now, taking those comments into consideration, they have done so and are being accused of segregation and racism.  They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  The thing that irritated me the most was the comments made by Joy on The View when they had Survivor host Jeff Probst on the show.  She was going off on how horrible it was that they would segregate people on the show after we just finally ended segregation.  So, it was ok when the show segregated the contestants based on age (ageism) and sex (sexism) but not when it comes to race?  Little bit of a double standard.

Speaking of The View — Rosie O’Donnell has officially joined The View ladies.  I will be honest, I was a bit skeptical about Rosie joining the team.  She flew solo for so many years on her own show, how would she mesh with 4 3 (now that Star is gone) other women.  Before I just threw them aside to the TV trash can, I thought I would watch it a few times and then make my decision.  I’ve watched it a few times now, but I have yet to see a full episode because I’m usually playing with my daughter or feeding her lunch.  From what I have seen though, I’m a little concerned.  It feels like I’m watching another rendition of the Rosie show but this time she has three other ladies chiming in.  I’ve also noticed that she has done quite a bit of butt-kissing to Barbara Walters.  Now, like I said, I’ve only seen it a few times and never in it’s entirety.  So, I’m going to keep watching  The View when I can, or feel like it, and we’ll go from there.

The World vs. Tom Cruise — Yet another ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ situation. I recently a comment made by artist Moby in his blog condemning Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for allowing Vanity Fair to photograph the two of them and their daughter, Suri.  I’m not sure why everyone has jumped on the ‘burn Tom at the stake’ bandwagon.  Tempers flared when he spoke up about his Scientology views and disagreement with drugs being used to treat ADD and postpartum depression.  Now, before you throw me at the stake with Mr. Cruise, hear me out.  I don’t agree or disagree with everything that he says.  He makes some good points and some very messed-up points.  But, if I remember correctly, other celebrities have spoken out about what they believe and it’s all ok.  Then, he and Katie are surrounded with speculation on why they have not allowed Suri to be photographed yet.  Is there something wrong with her?  Is this some sort of religious act?  I read it all.  They were being scrutinized for protecting their child and their family from what other celebrities, like Brittney Spears, have gone through in recent months.  Now that they have actually allowed the general public to see photographs of Suri, people like Moby are condemning them for that.  So, again, it’s ok for other celebrities to allow magazines & TV shows to photograph their babies (Brooke Shields had a huge spread in People magazine when her last child was born), but when Tom Cruise does it, it’s just a PR stunt.  Where does it end?

Well, that’s enough ranting for one posting.  Like I said, leave some comments and let me know where you weigh in on these topics.  Or if there are other topics you want to comment on, leave those as well.  Or, leave this site altogether and check out the new movies and games that Apple has made available to purchase on iTunes!

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