2006 09/09

One small step…

My baby took her first steps tonight!  She has been waling around furniture and walking if you hold onto her hands and walk with her and she’s been standing all by herself for 10, 20, or 30 seconds at a time.  But tonight she took her first steps unassisted!  Oh my little baby is no longer a little baby!  She also got her first fat lip as well.  Not while taking her steps but as she was playing and knocked herself on the head causing her to bight her bottom lip with those big choppers of hers.  So, in a matter of minutes she took her first steps and gave herself a fat lip.  One of many fat lips and bumps to come I’m sure.  I wish I had caught it on tape, along with a very funny moment where Abbi crawled underneath Claire’s (Brenda’s beagle) legs, but we did not have the camera with us.  Of course I never have that stupid camera with me during those important times!

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