2006 25/09

Taking over the town

So, did you watch the two hour season premier of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night?  They “made over” a house in North Pole, Alaska!  North Pole, besides the home of Santa Clause, is where Tim’s brother lives.  We were just up there this summer.  I wish I knew when they actually taped that episode to see how close we were to being there at the same time.  North Pole is not a big town by any means so I’m sure we would have known if they were there the same time we were.  We ended up being in Las Vegas at the same time that they were doing a house there but didn’t feel like driving all over Vegas looking for Ty and his bunch when there was gambling to be done!

It was fun to watch though and say, “Hey, we were there.”  The picture above is Abbi and me at the Santa Clause House in North Pole.  That is the same place that Ty raided to get some gifts for the kids with the help of the jolly ol’ man himself.  All that aside, the show itself was pretty cool.  They had 13 people living in 900 square feet!  I just cannot image.  Makes me pause when I start complaining about how I want to move into a slightly bigger house with a yard.

The DVR downfall — so last night we recorded Amazing Race while we watched EM: Home Edition.  I went to watch it tonight and come to find out that they messed up when airing the episode and restarted it a third of the way into it.  The DVR stopped recording promptly at 9pm, thus missing the last third of the show.  How pissed was I!!!!


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