2006 31/10

Death to Daylight Savings

I was really hoping that Daylight Savings Time would not be such an issue for us this time around, however, it sucks!  Abbi had a hard time adjusting to DST this past spring. I really thought that being a few months older, she may not be as affected.  I was dead wrong.  In her little […]

2006 29/10

Happy Birthday Husband!

Tim turned 32 yesterday!  He doesn’t love birthdays as much as I do but I spoiled him anyway.  He got 2 new dress shirts and a sports coat.  He also got McDonald’s breakfast.  I know, spoiled rotten!  We didn’t get to do anything in the evening for his birthday because we had a wedding.  Our […]

2006 26/10


Last night, since it was a wonderfully sunny Fall evening, we decided to take Abbi out to get some pumpkins.  We set her up in the wagon with the pumpkins but she wasn’t so sure about these things.  She held onto my arm for the first five minutes but got over the fear very quickly.  […]

2006 18/10

The fear of silence

I’ve begun to learn that when Abbi is quiet, it is reason for me to worry.  She is a baby full of energy and excitement about everything so she is always jibber-jabbering or squealing about something.  Then there are the times that she makes no noise at all.  At first I would let out a […]

2006 13/10


Happy Friday the 13th for all of you superstitious people!  I feel like I have lots to write about and have had every intention of adding entries pretty much every day this week but never got around to it.  So, I’m going to try to add it all now, but in a shortened version! Abbi […]

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