2006 31/10

Death to Daylight Savings

I was really hoping that Daylight Savings Time would not be such an issue for us this time around, however, it sucks!  Abbi had a hard time adjusting to DST this past spring. I really thought that being a few months older, she may not be as affected.  I was dead wrong.  In her little mind, 5:30am is actually 6:30 am and, therefore, time to wake up.  I’m desperately trying to adjust her schedule to get her on the new time, but she is fighting it with all her might.  Couple that with her One Year Molars coming in and, as you can imagine, my life is not so fun right now.  I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t so freakin’ tired from waking up at 5:30am with her.

I mean really, how important is for us to fall back an hour or spring forward an hour?  Will the world come to an end because we don’t completely screw up our schedules twice a year.  I know there are areas in Indiana where they don’t do the whole DTS thing.  And, what about those remote little villages in the middle of the jungle?  I have a hard time believing that they are reminding each other to turn back the clock.

So, what’s the point?  I’m having a hard time finding the positives of this time change thing.  I hate that it now gets dark by 6pm!  I think the picture above accurately depicts how I truly feel about DTS!  Death!  Death to you Daylight Savings Time!!

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