2006 09/10

Just a great weekend

The weather this weekend was beautiful!  Sunny, high 60s…a perfect fall weekend.  So, we decided to take advantage of the weather, knowing it won’t last long, and enjoy some outdoor activities.  We packed Abbi into her backpack and went downtown for their fall festival.  I, being from a small town, have just had a longing for some small town fun these past few months so I was really excited to partake in Pumpkinfest.  Of course all of the activities are just a little too old yet for Abbi — the kids games, face painting (like I could get her to sit still for that), costume contests, pumpkin painting — but we did take her to see the animals brought in by Critter Barn.

She wasn’t super excited about the animals, which was probably a blessing because then I didn’t have to worry about her pulling the bunnies ears or squeezing a baby chick too hard, but she wasn’t scared of them either.  She just kind of watched them, felt their fur, and then went after the hay and straw.  It was fun though just to walk around and have some family time, we’ve been so busy lately that we just haven’t had much of that.

Sunday afternoon we went over to Tim’s office to clean and get things organized.  They moved from the second floor to the main floor where each of the guys have their own office (they were just in one big open room before).  I think this is the first time that Tim has had his own office space.  He worked freelance for so long where he never really had an actual office.  So it’s fun to have him all set up in his own space.  He even has a picture frame with pictures of Abbi, me, and the kittens.  I think I’m more excited about it than he is because I’ve never had my own office space either.  When I was working at YFC I shared an office area with three other women and then I’ve just been working out of my home.  So I’m vicariously living through Tim, helping him decorate his office and making it my, I mean his own!


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