2006 18/10

The fear of silence

I’ve begun to learn that when Abbi is quiet, it is reason for me to worry.  She is a baby full of energy and excitement about everything so she is always jibber-jabbering or squealing about something.  Then there are the times that she makes no noise at all.  At first I would let out a sigh of relief, finally a moment of silence.  A few moments later the noise would resume.  When I would check in on her I would, of course, find movies scattered on the floor out of their cases or a few new bald spots on the cat.  One of these such moments happened this morning.  I noticed that Abbi had fallen silent and, when I glanced over, cringing to see her latest damage, there she was removing the different activity pieces/toys from her exersaucer.  I’m fine with her playing with those toys because there is nothing that can hurt her.  I’m just a little embarrassed because it took me hours to figure out how to put those stupid toys on the exersaucer and it has taken her a total of 10 minutes to figure out how to remove them.  Hmmmm…..

So, the moral of the story — I have learned that silence is not always a good thing when it comes to my little mischievous one, unless she is safely drugged up and tucked away in her crib……even then, it’s questionable.

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