2006 30/11

Checkin’ out the big guy

Abbi got her first glimpse of Santa Clause on Saturday night when we went downtown for the Holiday Open House.  The cobblestone street was lined with luminaries and carolers were scattered about.  It was a nice little kick-off to the holiday season.  Even though the weather was pretty mild, we bundled Abbi up in her […]

2006 30/11

Glad that day is over

A year ago today I was lying in a hospital room awaiting the arrival of my Abbi.  I was thinking about it yesterday because a year ago yesterday is when my water actually broke — I was on my way to a work meeting when I thought I had peed my pants getting into my […]

2006 27/11

Thanksgiving: Survived!

Well, in my last post I was so busy climbing up on my soap box that I forgot to mention Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a good time visiting my parents, although it was pretty short. We had to come back home on Friday because Tim had rehearsals Saturday and Sunday. The good:  We had a […]

2006 27/11


Let the Hallelujah chorus ring out — the 15th Street house has sold!  This has been a long time coming or at least a year.  I could go into how the first punk backed out after we bent over backwards for him or how the mortgage company has continually drug their feet, but I think […]

2006 26/11

No Trespassing

Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend have written a series of books on boundaries over the past fifteen years.  They focus on setting boundaries in our life, in our family, at work, while dating, in our marriage, with our kids, etc.  Millions of copies have been sold and I would highly suggest picking one up […]

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