2006 30/11

Checkin’ out the big guy

Abbi got her first glimpse of Santa Clause on Saturday night when we went downtown for the Holiday Open House.  The cobblestone street was lined with luminaries and carolers were scattered about.  It was a nice little kick-off to the holiday season.  Even though the weather was pretty mild, we bundled Abbi up in her big puffy winter coat and stuffed her into her back pack.  I think she had fun even  though she couldn’t move her head much, due to the severe puffiness of her coat.  She did get to sit on Santa’s lap and didn’t even cry.  I would call that a success!  Or at least she did better than the kids behind us who wouldn’t get within 8 feet of Santa without screaming and crying.

Unfortunately, Abbi and I are both sick now.  We both have the cold that Tim just got over.  So I’m spending most of the day wiping both of our noses.  To top that off, Tim has to work pretty much every night this week.  I’m hoping that this cold doesn’t wipe me out completely or at least that I have enough energy to get through the day with Abbi and then I can veg or sleep once Abbi goes down for the night.  Ahh, the joys!


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