2006 08/11

Happy Day After Election Day

I LOVE the day after Election Day.  Sure I have to hear, all day, about who won what but at least while I’m hearing that on the tv I don’t have to see any more of those stupid political ads!  No more “Vote for me….I’ll do this….he hasn’t done this…..I’ll keep Canada’s trash out of Michigan!” ads.  I feel like this year was especially saturated with those stupid ads.  Maybe it’s because I watch a lot more tv now that I ever did.  I’m not going to go into how I voted or why I voted that way but I am happy to say that Michigan voted against allowing people to hunt doves.  I mean seriously, what’s next?  Hunting blue-jays and hummingbirds?

Another interesting result of the voting yesterday was that our tiny “dry” community has decided to allow the sale of alcohol now.  I’m not sure how I feel about that one.  On one hand, why not sell alcohol and hopefully bring some business back into it.  On the other hand, will it really bring that much business?  After all, all you have to do is go a mile down the road and you’re in Holland where you can buy alcohol.  It will be very interesting to see how it changes this small, conservative, Dutch community.  I think it would be hilarious if the little greasy spoon restaurants started serving beer with it’s meatloaf sandwich!

Ok, on to more important stuff.  Brittney Spears has filed for divorce from K-Fed!  Their two year marriage has run it’s course.  I guess Brittney is tired of K-Fed spending all her money.  What is he going to do?  Sure he gets half of their $7 million dollar home and $30k a month for the next year from Brittney, but that’s only going to take a boy so far.  Mark my words, you will see Mr. Federline handing you your Big Mac & fries, asking you if you need any salt or ketchup.  We saw him perform on the Teen Choice Awards a few months back.  Umm, No….No K-Fed, No.

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