2006 11/11

Must see TV

Last night the husband had to work so I was home with Abbi for the night.  She was pretty tired so she went to bed promptly at 7pm.  That meant a night of TV indulgence!  I grabbed a small piece of chocolate pie and settled myself in for a night in front of the TV.  Here was the line up:

7:30pm — Celebrity Jeopardy!  It’s not secret, I am a Jeopardy fanatic!  I love it.  I especially love the teen tournament and the celebrities.  They tend to dumb down the questions a bit.  So there I am, firing off answer after answer, making myself feel really smart.  It’s nice to have that little ego boost once in a while.  I must say, my husband should be given the “Most Tolerant Husband of the Year” award.  He graciously let’s me watch Jeopardy every night and, most of the time, with very little grumbling.  I think he secretly likes it as much as I do but he’ll never admit to that one.

8:00pm — Survivor: Cook Islands.  I love game shows.  Thus the addiction to Jeopardy.  That love draws me into those reality competition shows….i.e. Survivor, Amazing Race, Apprentice, and so on and so on.  I’m also in a “Survivor Pool” at my mom’s office and both of my girls are still in the running!  Last night’s episode had my blood pressure sky rocketing!  The short of it – there was a mutiny and 2 people from Aitu switched over to the Raro tribe.  MORONS!!  You never had it so good!  The mutiny left the teams 8 to 4, Raro with the advantage.  However, Aitu kicked tail at both challenges!  This made me very elated because that meant no tribal council for Aitu and, thus, my two girls were safe from being voted off.  Phew!

9:00pm — Grey’s Anatomy.  I’ve really just started watching this show.  I saw a few episodes last season but have been faithfully watching this season.  Tim says it’s a cross between ER and Desperate Housewives….yup, that’s why I like it!  Anyhow, this episode was a roller-coaster of emotions in itself.  Let me just say that I sat at the foot of my bed sobbing when that poor woman had to deliver her baby who had died in utero.  SOBBED!

10:00pm — MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel.  Love it.  Yet another part of my addiction.  I love the competition part of it but also love the drama because I get emotionally attached to these people.  I know, I’m pathetic.  I understand this and have accepted it.  You should too.

10:30pm — the second half of ER. I do like ER but I’m not super attached to this show.  So basically it was just on in the background when my husband came home and told me about his evening.

So, there you have it.  My night packed full of TV.

Have a great weekend all!

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