2006 22/11

Not everything is a gay issue

I avoided blogging about this whole thing because I feel that I have a tendency to write about celebrities and tv A LOT. However, my morning was completely jolted when I was watching Good Morning America and they played a clip from The View where Rosie O’Donnell opened her big mouth and utter crap came spewing out!

Here’s the back story — On this past Friday Clay Aiken filled in for Regis as co-host on Live with Regis and Kelly.  Let me stop there and say that I am not a huge Clay Aiken fan by any means.  I thought he was highly overrated when on American Idol and ever since, but that has nothing to do with this situation.  So, on Friday, Clay and Kelly started their host chat time and I felt it was quite snippy.  Regis and Kelly always playfully jab at each other and that is what makes them so great together.  On this show, I thought Clay was very defensive and was pretty set-off by the clip they played of Kelly dressed up as Clay during one of their Halloween specials.  Kelly continued to try to keep the mood light-hearted.

The Incident — Then they moved into the interview portion of the show.  As they interviewed Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke, Clay must have gotten upset because he wasn’t getting a chance to ask a question.  So, instead of waiting for a break in the conversation to ask his question, he proceeded to cover-up Kelly’s mouth with his hand.  Kelly moved twisted herself away from his hand and said, “No, no, no, we don’t do that” (or something like that).  Again, to lighten the mood, she said, “Honey, I don’t know where that hand has been” and then chuckled lightly.  Of course the rest of the show was just awkward.

On Monday, when Regis returned to the show, Kelly explained what had happened on Friday and that she was upset because he was being rude during the interview.  She had expected a little more hospitality and respect out of Clay.  I expected him to be a little more professional and mature!

The Feud — Why Rosie O’Donnell felt the need to jump to Clay’s defense is beyond me (and probably most people).  On The View she commented that she was very upset with Kelly Ripa for making that  comment  about where Clay’s hand had been.  She felt it was a very homophobic remark.  I’m sorry, WHAT? Where in the world did you pull that analysis out of?  Oh, I’m sorry Rosie, was that a homophobic comment too?

The truth is, Clay Aiken has not publicly commented on his sexual orientation.  He has not said whether he is gay or straight.  And frankly, that is his business!  It frustrates me that Rosie had to use that comment and spin in a way that furthers her platform that the world is against gay people.  I was so proud of Kelly for calling into The View that morning and setting Rosie straight (hmm) that when she commented about Clay’s hand she meant nothing sexual — straight or gay!  She is a mother of three and is aware of the germs hand carry and had no idea how many hands Clay had shook in the audience or when he last washed his hands.  Rosie, we understand you are gay. You have made that abundantly clear!  But you do not need to jump to the aid of every speculated gay person when a comment is made to them.  A gay person’s right to cover another person’s mouth is not in question here.  As a matter of fact, I believe Kelly would have made that exact comment and had that exact reaction had that been an openly straight man, a straight woman, or a gay woman.

I was discussing this with my husband this morning.  I would have had the same reaction if my husband had reached over and covered my mouth while I was trying to talk to someone.  It’s just rude.  I would have probably even made that very same comment about the whereabouts of his hand.

So, there you have it.  The Ripa — Aiken — O’Donnell saga.  Kelly, you keep being you girl!  Clay, I think you still have some issues from American Idol to work on before you put yourself out there again.  Rosie, you really need to step off of your “the world vs. the gay community” soap box once in a while.

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