2006 16/11

Out the window

As ridiculous as this sounds, I vowed while I was pregnant that I would never take my child to the play are in the malls or any other “mass chaos” setting for kids.  It’s not that I’m worried about the germs or that she would get hurt.  I was just more annoyed by the kids running rampant like caged animals who had been let out for quarantined play-time.  I know, I know, it’s all a part of growing up and kids being kids, but I had to believe that there was some other activity I could engage Abbi in.

Well, nearly a year after giving birth, I have broken down and taken Abbi to the play are in the mall.  We were going to meet a friend and her daughter and nephew there but unfortunately missed them with off schedules.  The verdict:  Abbi loved it!  She loved running around with the other kids.  She loved watching them climb on stuff and slide down the slides.  She loved climbing on things and banging on things.  She loved it!  She was the smallest one there but she held her own and the other kids were pretty mindful of the “baby” running around them.  Granted, I had to chase her the entire time because she wanted to escape out into the mall area.  So, as the other moms were sitting, chatting, watching their kids play on their own, I was busy chasing my little escapee.  But she had fun.

I think I’ll continue to take her there once a week or so, as long as she continues to enjoy it.  I want her to get the social interaction with kids her age because she’s not in daycare and doesn’t automatically get that everyday.  Next time though, I will not wear a sweater!  I was working up a sweat chasing that girl around.  It’s great exercise but I need to wear more appropriate clothing for the work out!

So, what’s next?  Will I go back on my vow to never take her to Chuck E. Cheese’s?

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