2006 27/11

Thanksgiving: Survived!

Well, in my last post I was so busy climbing up on my soap box that I forgot to mention Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a good time visiting my parents, although it was pretty short. We had to come back home on Friday because Tim had rehearsals Saturday and Sunday.

The good:  We had a yummy dinner and always enjoy spending time with my mom and step-dad.  Visited with my older sister, brother, and Jim’s mom & Mike and got to see my younger sister and nephews for a brief moment as they were on their way home from the airport. We also celebrated Abbi’s birthday a week early with them so my parents would not have to drive over here (they’ve been gone so much lately and Tim has to work this weekend).  And Survivor and Grey’s Anatomy were on!

The not-so-good:  Abbi missed her morning nap so she was overtired when we got to my mom’s.  We put her down for a nap once we got there which was accompanied by many tears.  When she woke up she was over-stimulated by all of the people wanting to see her…more tears.  After she ate her lunch/dinner we played outside where she toppled over on the sidewalk….more tears.    Now she’s overtired and cranky, doesn’t really want to eat any more dinner, but hey, let’s pull out the birthday cake and see how that goes!  She loved the cake but hated the singing and attention…more tears.  After a brief bath we put my overtired, sick, cranky, teething baby to bed with a few more tears!

So, that was Thanksgiving.  I spent the rest of the weekend trying to get Abbi back on her schedule and the rest she needed.  Thankfully she took some nice long naps and we seem to be doing much better today.  Oh, here are some pictures from the weekend.  We’re hoping to go buy a tree this week so I might post some pictures of that as well later this week.  However, my husband is so swamped with work this week that we might push the tree thing off until next week.  I’d rather have a well-rested, happy family right now than a Christmas tree.


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