2006 21/11

The people have spoken

Well, looks like OJ will not be making his millions and millions of dollars off of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend.  Apparently Fox is pulling the interview and the book deal.  Really, it actually surprises me.  I thought that Fox would eat up all of this publicity and controversy and hope for sky-rocketing ratings during the show.  Honestly though, I’m pleasantly surprised.  Not only did this whole thing upset the general public, but it even had other Fox News correspondents taking sides.  Bill O’Reilly opposed the interview and it was speculated that he would leave Fox if it were aired.  I’m not so sure that part is true.  I would assume O’Reilly is a tad bit more professional that that.  He did have this to say about the whole ordeal, “Simpson is a despicable human being.  That’s not the issue here.  The question is, how will Americans handle the exploitation of two murdered human beings?”

I was more surprised by the reaction that Geraldo Rivera had.  In an interview, when asked what he thought about the almost admission by OJ, Gerald said, “I think it’s disgusting.  I think he’s a murdering liar.”  Maybe I just don’t know much about Gerald, but I always saw him as more open minded and neutral.  Again, I am pleasantly surprised by his objection to the interview and book.

I just don’t understand. At the very least, how could he do this to his kids?  Hey kids, if I murdered your mom, and I’m not saying if I did or didn’t, this is how I would have done it.  Now, eat your snack and finish up your homework while daddy works on these new ideas for a mini-series based on my book. Yup, that should help your already scarred children.  Good job OJ!  You’re a sure bet for Father of the Year!  Not to mention how the girls will be swooning over you, desperately awaiting to be the next Mrs. OJ Simpson.

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