2006 01/12

Birthday Baby

My baby is 1 year old today….that’s 12 months…52 weeks…365 days!  I know it’s very cliche, but this year has gone by so fast.  I don’t necessarily want to pause time, but I would really, REALLY like to put it on slow motion for a while.  I have loved each stage Abbi has gone through, even though I was reduced to tears quite often during those first few weeks of teething.  It is amazing to me how much she has developed her own character and personality this last year.  She is my “little Tim”!

Words to my baby:  Oh little one, a year ago today I was holding you in my arms, both of us exhausted from a long and tiring labor.  I fell in love with you the very minute your daddy showed you to me and my love has only continued to grow for you each day.  You have grown in so many ways this past year.  I look forward to seeing how you continue to grow this next year, but slow down baby.  Please slow down so I can enjoy each and every moment. I love you Pookey Bear!  Happy Birthday!

abbi first birthday

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