2006 10/12

Christmas with a Martian

While Tim and I were dating (years and years ago) we read “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” together.  It really is a great book that I would highly recommend for any couple.  We both could just resonate with the points the author would make and with the examples he would give.  I honestly felt like he had been following us around as he wrote that book.  Tim is a martian and I am definitely a venetian.  And that fact runs true when it comes to Christmas.

Tim does not like to give gifts when it is expected of him.  He would much rather surprise you with a present on a random Tuesday and not fall victim to all of those “Halmark holidays.”  I learned this early on in our relationship and completely understand his point.  It’s not always easy but I understand it and I do love that part about him.

I, however, am much like my mother and I love to give gifts.  I love holidays because it is an excuse to give and get gifts.  I love buying them, I love wrapping them, I love putting pretty little bows on them, I love giving them.  I also, and equally, love getting gifts, I love the thought of them,  I love unwrapping them.  I love gifts.  This year though, I was not expecting anything for Christmas.  Of course we’ll get Abbi something small and Tim got some new boots, but with our business still trying to get up and running, we knew we’d need to scale back on Christmas.  I knew this and was okay with it.  After all, Christmas is still Christmas, even without the gifts. (That last sentence was for my own sake….I need to keep reminding myself of that.)

Well, you can imagine my surprise when my dear husband came home with a new winter coat for me yesterday.  He really couldn’t keep it a secret and  hold it until Christmas because I check our bank account daily.  Anyhow, I had been wanting a new coat since last Christmas.  My current one is a bit small and not very warm.  So he bought me a new one.  I loved it!  I honestly could not have picked out a better one myself.  Matter of fact, I know I wouldn’t have bought that coat because, as much as I loved it, I wouldn’t have spent that much money on myself.  It was a sweet coat.  More importantly though, my husband went out yesterday, battled the insane crowds at the mall, and bought me the coat that he thought I would like, all without me knowing.  Just the idea that my husband did that for me is just awesome.

So, I guess from time to time martians do take on the venetian way of thinking.  Or, at least my husband has taken on my way of thinking and has given me a very wonderful Christmas present….giving me a gift specifically for Christmas without my obsessive whining, poking, and prodding.

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