2006 16/12

Must be the egg nog talkig

I really wish it would snow!  Wait, did I just say that?  Can you tell that I’ve lived in the north all my life?  We had a nice dose of snow earlier this month but it has all melted this last week.  The trusty meteorologists are saying calling for non-snowy weather for this next week as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I love warm weather.  But it’s not warm, it’s just warm enough to not snow.  I guess I feel that if it’s going to be cold, it mine-as-well snow.

So, why am I wishing for snow?  Well, I guess I’m hoping that the snow will help put the Christmas spirit back in my house.  Christmas is a week away and it feels as though it is months and months away.  We put the tree and decorations up two weeks ago but it is downstairs so I only see it in the evenings, if we happen to hang out down there instead of in our bedroom.  Maybe it’s because we really didn’t do a big “Christmas Shopping Day” this year.  We actually haven’t done any Christmas shopping this year and probably won’t, aside from two or three gifts.  Abbi’s too young yet to get excited about Santa Clause so that’s not even a thought this year.  Maybe I’m hoping that the snow will make it feel more like Christmas around here.

I know, Christmas is not about snow or presents or decorations.  It’s about Christ.  Maybe I’ll get that idea or concept driven back into me this week.  I’m going to take Abbi to a live nativity hopefully Monday or Tuesday, depending on which day it is not raining.  They also have baby animals that the kids get to play with!  It should be a good time for us.

But really, the snow could definitely help!

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