2006 22/12


My apologies for being MIA all week.  Surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with being busy with the holidays.  I wish that had been the case.  Wednesday morning I woke up and I had lost all sense of balance and coordination.  Seriously.  I was so dizzy and disoriented that I could do nothing but lay on my bed, only to get up when I started feeling nauseous.  This was not good.  Tim immediately called our doctor/chiropractor/guru of all things to see if they could squeeze me in and “fix” me.  I wasn’t able to see my doc but I did see one of the other doctors in the office.

After 3o minutes of poking, pushing, and adjusting, he got the nausea to go away and said that the dizziness/vertigo would slowly subside over the next few days.  Thankfully Tim’s sister came to our rescue and took care of Abbi not only while I was at the doctor but she took Abbi all afternoon.  What a relief it was to know Abbi was being taken care of because I could not move all day.  Not good when you have a rambunctious toddler around.

Doctor Todd was right and the dizziness has slowly subsided.  Today I’m still a little dizzy but it’s manageable.  I certainly won’t be going to a head-banging concert or walking tight-rope any time soon though.  The whole experience was very scary.  Without a definite reason behind it all, there was no definite cure.  Who knew how long it would go on or how serious it would get.  Of course I jumped to the worse case scenario — How would I take care of Abbi when I couldn’t hardly walk or move my head?  Thankfully I don’t have to find out.  The experience has made me very thankful for my health this Christmas!


On a side note, how could I post today without mentioning the Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell controversy?  Here’s my very short opinion on the whole thing.  I’m glad Trumpster stood up to Rosie about the comments she was making regarding him and the whole Miss USA thing.  Because you have a microphone and a talkshow may give you the right and the platform to express your personal feelings but know that those people that you are talking about also have the ability and right to find a microphone and 10 or 20 other talkshows to express their feelings back to you.  That said, I do think the Trumpster took it a little too far.  I was listening to him on Larry King Live last night and he did say some pretty harsh things about Rosie.  Probably a few things that were unnecessary.  But, that is his personality and that is her personality.  They are both pretty out-spoken, stubborn, boisterous individuals.  Unfortunately The View was not live this morning because I would have loved to hear if Rosie said anything back to Trump.  And I would love to hear what Barbara Walters really thinks and feels about the whole thing, being caught in the middle and all.  I do think the whole thing is a bit ridiculous though.


Birthday shout outs this week:
Anna — 2 yrs old
Dave — 31 (I think)
Ben — The Big 3 – 0!!

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