2006 03/12

Snowy Days

The winter weather started early Friday morning as freezing rain closed down all of the schools and cancelled most events (except my dear friend Tara’s all night lock-in — Sorry T!).  It quickly turned into snow and made for a very pretty winter scene.  The snow started up again today and is supposed to continue through the night, giving us a few more inches by tomorrow.  The snow definitely helped get me into the holiday spirit, especially since I didn’t have to drive anywhere.

Despite the snow dumping on us, we had a very busy weekend.  Between the shows Tim had to mix for this weekend we did find time to put up the Christmas tree and a few decorations.  Thankfully Tim’s parents graciously let us borrow their brand new artificial tree for this year since they are still in Mexico for this Christmas.  We decided to go artificial this year because the thought of Abbi eating pine needles or cleaning up needles for the next three months just doesn’t sound appealing to me.  We went shopping last week for a tree and that was a nightmare.  After dashing in and out of four stores in the rain and finding out that the two trees that we actually liked and were willing to spend that kind of money on were sold out, we decided to wait until after Christmas to find an artificial tree.  Hopefully we’ll come across a good sale and not have to take out a small loan to pay for the stupid thing.  Seriously, those artificial tree guys have got to be doing pretty well for themselves! Highway robbery!!

The winter festivities continued today as I took Abbi outside to play in the snow.  This was her first encounter with snow.  She actually liked it….or at least she put on a good front.  She did amazingly well moving about in her big puffy coat and boots.  Then we had Tim’s family and Tara & Scott over for a little birthday party for Abbi.  She, of course, cried during the birthday part because she was ready for her nap and I don’t think she really likes all that attention on herself….for now.

And, after a very busy weekend, I am happy to have a quiet evening at home to myself.  I am snuggled up under my blanket, watching trashy TV, and blogging.  Hmmmm, I love these winter nights!


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