2006 06/12

Who flipped the stinkin’ switch

Little Miss Abigail has decided that she is just too old for two naps a day now.  This week she has decided that she’s good with just one nap.  Well sweetheart, mommy is not good with you taking just one nap each day.  Don’t get me wrong, she has not been cranky or whiney during those days with just one nap, she’s actually been a pretty content child this week.  I, selfishly, have come to depend on two naps each day.  I take a shower and get myself ready for the day during the first nap and then use the second nap to get work done on webpages or around the house that I was not able to do while Abbi was awake.  So, with just one nap, I need to decide how important that shower really is each day.  I feel like I’ve been transported back to when Abbi was first born and I had to choose between showering and sleeping.  Yup, I was stinky then and I’m stinky now!

Meanwhile my baby had taken on a very bizarre personality these days.  She just does the craziest things.  She has learned that she can jump on the ground just like she does in her bed, although she doesn’t hardly get her feet off the ground.  She has also discovered all of her books.  The past few days she has been going into her room and removing every book from her bookshelf and “reading” them.  It’s quite cute.  On the more bizarre side — yesterday she decided to chase me around the house while crawling and would then sprawl out on her belly on the floor.  Today she decided to crawl into her little toy basket and just sit and play.  It has been quite fun to just watch her each day and to see what kooky things she will come up with next.

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