2007 29/01

Dream a little dream

I’m not one to read much into dreams.  I took all the psych classes in college and we often did dream interpretation when studying different psychologists, as they all usually had something to say about dreams and our deepest inner thoughts.  I tend to think that they are just bits and pieces things that have […]

2007 26/01

A spoonful of cottage cheese

Abbi has decided that she has an opinion on what she likes to eat these days.  Her only acceptable meals — fruit, mac & cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese.  So, being the very sneaky and deceptive mom that I am, I hide her veggies and chicken in the spoonfulls of cottage cheese and yogurt that […]

2007 20/01

Fashion Extravaganza

I really thought I had a few years yet before Abbi wanted to dress herself.  This week, though, she decided that if legwarmers could come back into style, well then onesies & boots are totally all the rage!  She was bummed when I made her take the boots off (after hours of wearing them in […]

2007 17/01

Just checking in

Unfortunately I really have nothing to blog about these days.  Just another testament on how exciting my life is.  The in-laws are in town now for good, that’s some exciting news.  They got into town on Friday night.  Background — Tim’s parents were missionaries in southern Mexico.  They retired from the mission field this Fall […]

2007 12/01

Figuring out the whole friendship thing

In high school I always had a boyfriend and was friends with most people (small school, knew everyone).  Really I hung out with guys most of the time and only had a small handful of good female friends.  The other female friends weren’t the type that you could call up and cry to…well, you could […]

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