2007 26/01

A spoonful of cottage cheese

Abbi has decided that she has an opinion on what she likes to eat these days.  Her only acceptable meals — fruit, mac & cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese.  So, being the very sneaky and deceptive mom that I am, I hide her veggies and chicken in the spoonfulls of cottage cheese and yogurt that I am shoveling into her mouth.  For the time being, I seem to be out-smarting her.  Yes, I know it won’t last long.  Soon she figure out my evil tactics and reject the cottage cheese coated peas.  I guess that’s when I will move on to coating such foods with maple syrup and chocolate!


Huge Friday Morning props go out to Melissa for her TV debut this morning on the Today Show.  If you were watching this morning, she was part of the segment Meredith Vieira did on mixing Martinis and playdates.  I was a little disappointed on how short the segment was and one-sided it seemed to be.  I felt like it was Meredith and this doctor chick vs. Melissa.  I did think that Melissa handled herself very well though, despite pretty much being called a raging alcoholic bad mom who can’t socialize without being intoxicated.  The doctor lady just kept saying how horrible it is that moms feel like they need to drink while taking care of their children and that just one drink can completely impair our judgement and reaction time.  Well, I don’t know where you were in college but I was totally preparing myself for motherhood and building up my tolerance so that I could have one small glass of wine while hanging out with friends and not worry about passing out on the jungle gym.  I think she and Meredith totally missed the point of what Melissa was trying to say.  It’s not that moms need a drink to be able to socialize.  They are sharing that glass of wine with their adult friends for just that purpose….to feel like an adult for 10 minutes out of the day that is otherwise consumed by cheesy rhyming songs, navigating through a toy-filled house, talking in three word sentences, and finding new ways to hide the peas in the spoonfulls of cottage cheese!

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