2007 20/01

Fashion Extravaganza

I really thought I had a few years yet before Abbi wanted to dress herself.  This week, though, she decided that if legwarmers could come back into style, well then onesies & boots are totally all the rage!  She was bummed when I made her take the boots off (after hours of wearing them in the house) because her feet were getting so sweaty!  She’s done this a few times this week.  She would still rather run around the house buck naked so she hasn’t gotten into the mixing & matching of outfits…yet!  I’ll actually be totally fine with her wearing whatever outfit she puts together (as long as it’s weather appropriate).

I think my mom has a pretty similar picture of either me or my sister at Christmas, wearing our underwear and new winter boots.  And yes, that is a bottle of Ranch dressing that she is playing with.  She sneaks that bottle out of the fridge every time we’re in the kitchen!


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