2007 02/01

Happy 2007

Well, I hope your New Year is off to a good start.  Mine seems to be going pretty well.  Two days into it and so far, so good.  We spent New Year’s Eve with friends drinking some very tasty local Microbrew, eating way too much food, and playing Texas Hold ‘Em.  Good times, good times.  Abbi slept through the whole thing, which really surprised me.  She tends to be a pretty restless sleeper and there were some pretty rowdy moments that night.  But she was a trooper and even went right back to sleep after we transported her home.  It would have even been more spectacular if she would have slept in until 10am that next morning, but let’s not get greedy.

So now the question arises, do I make a New Year’s resolution?  I’m always torn with this.  Do I really want to make a resolution, only to fail at it a month from now?  And it seems to be the same ones year after year — loose weight, get into shape, stop obsessing over things.  You’d think that if I had been making the same resolutions each and every year that I would maybe achieve one of them.  Hmmm.  Everything on my list tends to be things that I really should do anyhow so does it really make a difference if I proclaim it?  Why can’t my New Year’s resolution be something fun? “I resolve to go shopping and buy an entirely new wardrobe this year!” I think I might be on to something!

Whatever your resolutions or goals are this new year, I hope you achieve them.  And if you do, please pass along your secrets to success to me!  Happy 2007!

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