2007 17/01

Just checking in

Unfortunately I really have nothing to blog about these days.  Just another testament on how exciting my life is.  The in-laws are in town now for good, that’s some exciting news.  They got into town on Friday night.  Background — Tim’s parents were missionaries in southern Mexico.  They retired from the mission field this Fall and have moved back here for their retirement.  Of course the next few months they will be traveling quite a bit visiting supporting churches across the country.  Right now, though, they are excited about jazzing up their house here — new carpet, new tile, new HD entertainment center for the basement.  Fun stuff!

So, that’s about it.  Oh, the picture above is from this weekend.  Abbi was running around the Hamilton House, enjoying all of the open space.  I wish it were a little more clear but getting her to stand still for a picture is pretty much impossible these days.

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