2007 05/01

Leaps and bounds

Abbi has grown (developmentally and socially) so much in the past few weeks.  This is probably the biggest jump in her development in such a short amount of time that I’ve seen.  Let me just say again that I am so thankful that I get to stay home with her because I couldn’t imagine missing these little things. So here is what she has been up to:

Language — She is continuing to learn new signs all the time.  So far she uses more, all done, please, eat, and wash my hands.  “Eating signs” have been pretty easy to teach her because it’s the one time during the day that she is sitting down and focused.  Thankfully the are mostly signs that can transfer over into other activities.  She has also begun to pick-up words and phrases, although she pretty much says them on her terms and are sometimes only decipherable by me.  Conquered words/phrases/sounds:

Up = ahhhhhhp

Moo (cow noise) = mmmmmmu

Neigh (horse noise) = nnnnnnnnay

Roar (lion noise) = rrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hey you = ey ou

The biggest language development though has been her understanding of what we say.  When I ask her if she is ready for breakfast, lunch or dinner, she heads towards the kitchen and waits at the gate.  When I asker her if she wants to go for a ride she waits in the entry way for me to get her shoes and coat on and then stands by the door to the garage.  She heads to the bathroom and waits by the bathtub when I ask her if she’s ready for her bath, picks out the toys that I ask her to find, waves bye-bye to daddy in the morning, gives kisses, and (daddy’s favorite) gives you five on demand.

Play — She loves her little farm and piano that Grammy & Papa bought for her.  She opens and closes the gates on the barn to hear the animal noises and has gone from just hitting the song buttons on her piano (of which I know every word and tune) to actually playing her own music on the keys.  And let me tell you about her new dance moves!  High-steppin’, butt shakin’, shoulder shimmeying, head swayin’ dance moves.  It’s nice to see her moving on from the Axle Rose sway.  We also have a blooming soccer player on our hands.  She loves to kick her soccer ball around the house and when it gets stuck in a corner, instead of picking it up, she maneuvers it with her feet to get it where she can kick it again.  Now, I don’t claim to be any type of soccer guru, but I think she’s got the basic concept of the game down.  Lastly, she loves doing summersaults.

So it’s been a pretty big month.  I love this stage.  We have so much fun together.  She’s taken on this new foreign language which she uses to jibber jabber at me and also sass back at me (putting a stop to that very quickly).  With all this development and her becoming quite the little imitator, I need to be careful of what I say, how I say it, and what I do.  I’ve already confused the poor child on animals vs. body parts:

“Abbi, go put the piggy in the barn.”

She looks at me, looks at her feet, looks at me, looks at her toy barn.

“No sweetie, not your piggies. Put the pig in the barn.”

Still looking at her feet.

“Not your feet.  You know, the little pig.  The little plastic, pink pig.  Oink oink? Never mind, go get the cow.”

Abbi:  “Mmmmmmmmmmew!”

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