2007 28/02

Back in the saddle

I figured I should probably take a few minutes to blog before I need to make the comment “Where has February gone?”  I’ve seriously been neglecting the ol’ blog lately and really with no other excuse than that work has been a bit busy these days.  And should I be blogging right now?  Probably not.  […]

2007 23/02

Portrait of a miniature Tim

Abbi decided to dump out her toy bin and sit inside it while she watched some cartoons.  I think her life would have been complete had I served her fish crackers and a cup of water while she indulged herself with Blue’s Clues. She and I are heading over to my parents this weekend while […]

2007 15/02

The perfect woman

Have you ever seen those dolls in the store — Mr. Wonderful and Ms. Wonderful? They are quite funny.  They say a handful of phrases that the opposite sex would want to hear.  The hubby and I really don’t do anything for each other for Valentine’s day, but if we did, I would get him […]

2007 10/02

Abbi Update

Her Recent Likes: Climbing up on everything.  Since her daddy taught her to climb up onto the coffee table to sit next to him (not sure why either one of them was sitting on the coffee table), she has mastered climbing up on to every piece of furniture, including the dining room chairs so she […]

2007 10/02

Complete meltdown

Abbi has not been one to form a strong attachment to objects.  She’s a pretty easy going child and a self-motivator.  So far she has weaned herself being rocked to sleep, never had any problem going to sleep in her crib by herself, weaned herself from daytime bottles and is weaning herself from the nighttime […]

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