2007 28/02

Back in the saddle

I figured I should probably take a few minutes to blog before I need to make the comment “Where has February gone?”  I’ve seriously been neglecting the ol’ blog lately and really with no other excuse than that work has been a bit busy these days.  And should I be blogging right now?  Probably not.  I should really be either working, showering, or cleaning the pit I’ve come to call my home.  But I’m here.

So, the weekend…..it was definitely full of ups and downs.  Tim seemed to have a good time visiting Dan in Chicago so that is good. He even managed to squeeze in a little shopping for some very much needed new jeans and even some pants for me (my comfy pants).  Abbi and I had a good time hanging out with my parents & sister and visiting the very pregnant Lissy (and Justin, of course).  They are due with their first child (a girl) this Saturday.  They are so funny, they have everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) ready for the arrival of this baby.  Since Abbi was three weeks early we were totally not prepared — bags not packed, shopping still needed to be done, car seat was still in the box.  But let’s be real, even if Abbi had waited 3 more weeks, we still wouldn’t have been ready.  Such procrastinators!

Those were the ups, now for the down.  Saturday night, while getting ready for bed, I was hit with that bizarre dizziness thing.  It was the same thing from December.  I went to bed hoping it would just go away. Unfortunately I woke up still being dizzy and super nauseous.  Thankfully my parents offered to drive us back home (2.5 hours one way).  They are so super.  They put off their home improvement work for the day to spend 5 hours in the car driving me home and then going back home themselves.  It just amazes me the sacrifices they make for their kids! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Now it’s Wednesday and I’m feeling much better.  I have a doctor’s appt. next week so I’m really hoping they can figure this thing out.  I can’t go around running into walls whenever I walk and not even be drunk.  What fun is that?

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