2007 10/02

Complete meltdown

Abbi has not been one to form a strong attachment to objects.  She’s a pretty easy going child and a self-motivator.  So far she has weaned herself being rocked to sleep, never had any problem going to sleep in her crib by herself, weaned herself from daytime bottles and is weaning herself from the nighttime bottle, never had a problem transitioning from formula to baby food to solid foods, and never had any desire to have a pacifier.  I’m not saying this to brag by any means, I’m just saying that she’s a pretty easy kid (which makes us seriously evaluate having another kid; I mean why ruin a good thing).  So, in the past 14 months she has not formed any strong attachment to her bottle, a pacifier, or stuffed animal.  Until now…

When Abbi takes a nap or goes to bed at night, she lays down in her crib with a small fleece blanket.  We started putting it in there with her to cover her up with.  When we would check on her at night she would be cuddled up with the blanket.  Over time another small blanket and another small stuffed animal thing (Gus) would end up in her bed, too. The other day, Laundry Day, I decided that I should throw Abbi’s blankets into the wash since they were getting a little nasty.  I threw them into the wash right after her morning nap, figuring they would be washed and dried before her afternoon nap.  But I wasn’t really worried because I figured if they weren’t dry, then I would just pull another blanket out of her closet and lay her down with that one.  I was doing a whole lot of figuring and not thinking!

Afternoon nap came around and the blankets were not dry.  I grabbed another similar looking blanket from the closet and laid her down with it.  For reference, her blanket is small, fleece, and has colored stripes on it.  The impostor blanket is a little bit bigger, made from a different material, and has the same colored stripes.  Pretty similar, I thought.

So things were going as they normally do — Abbi was making some groaning sounds and rolling around in her bed.  Then the crying began.  This was not the “I really don’t want to take a nap” cry or the “I’m overtired” cry or the “I just pooped” cry.  This was the “My heart is breaking” cry.  When I went into her room she had pushed the impostor blanket to one end of the crib and was standing at the other end crying.  After calming her down, we went to the dryer and pulled out the 80% dry blanket.  She cuddled up with the blanket, laid down in her bed (with the impostor blanket completely out of sight) and took a nice two hour nap.  She has not let that blanket out of her sight since!

Apparently she has a vice now.  And of course the stupid company no longer makes that blanket in that same print.  I picked up another blanket made from the same company, out of the same type of fabric, but with a different print on it.  I’m hoping I can pass it off as her “blankie” in the future.  Otherwise, we’re going to be in for a painful time when “blankie” falls apart in the washing machine. Super. Can’t wait for that day.

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