2007 01/02

I would rather…

I hate going to the dentist.  Hate! It! I would really rather go for my yearly physical once a month than to go to the dentist just twice a year.  I’m not sure exactly what it is but the smell, the set-up, the sound of the dentist office just bothers me.  I rebelled against the whole dentist thing during college because, well, because I could I guess.  The surprising thing was that in those 4 or so years of anti-dentistry, I only walked away with one cavity.

So, of course, this week I had to go for my 6 month cleaning.  What is it about dental hygenists (no offense to you dental hygenists out there) that they feel the need to use those 45 minutes of captivity to spout out every piece of dental information and the results of every dental study known to man? Quite possibly it could be that they have their hands in our mouths the entire time, thus rendering us silent and unable to object.

Yes, I understand that flossing EVERY day is important.  Yes, I understand that by flossing EVERY day twice a day I will be keeping my teeth, gums, and entire body healthy for years to come.  Yes, I understand that by flossing every day, twice a day, and wrapping the floss around each and every tooth that I too can end world hunger and stop global warming. I get it….flossing is important!  GEESH!!

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