2007 09/02

Making breakfast

I’ve been dreaming about this day — the day where the child gets her own breakfast, thus letting the parents sleep in a little longer — I just never would have dreamed it would come this soon!

This morning Abbi followed me into the kitchen, opened the lazy-susan, pulled out the Shake ‘n Bake Bisquick and took it to her room.  She returned to the cupboard, pulled out the syrup, and took it into her room.  When she didn’t return to the kitchen, I figured I should probably go check on her to make sure my house was not being decorated in maple syrup.  And this is what I found.

Apparently she was still hungry for more breakfast.  Do you think it is too early for me to show her how to use the stove?

And no, I do not subject my girl to the “just add water” pancake mix.  What kind of mother do you take me for?  I feed her the pre-made frozen pancakes that take 30 seconds to warm up in the microwave!


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