2007 29/03

Timmy’s got a new ride

Yup, after going nearly 9 months with just one vehicle, we have now moved back into the world of two vehicles.  We tried the one vehicle thing in hopes of saving some money and getting rid of this huge growth on our asses called debt.  It was a lot easier than we thought it would […]

2007 24/03

It will come as a surprise

A few years ago, when I was coaching college cheerleading, we had a girl on the team who was not allowed to have candy or ice cream or any junk food at home.  Her parents just never allowed it into the house.  Of course when she got to college she went crazy with the candy, […]

2007 17/03

Two steps behind

Did I miss something?  What happened to Blue’s Clues?  Abbi loves Blue’s Clues.  She lights up when it comes on tv.  And she is so adorable when she says “Blewwwwww”!  She seriously loves that puppy and that blue puppy has been a blessing to us this past week as her teeth have been killing her […]

2007 12/03

DTS recant

This past Fall and last Spring I expressed my utter discontentment with Daylight Saving Time.  The time change really messed up Abbi’s sleeping & napping schedule and, thus, made my life a living hell for about a week.  A week — What’s the big deal? The deal is not only big, it is HUGE!  When […]

2007 08/03

11 thru 20

Because more of these stupid facts are swirling around in my head: I have one tattoo on my lower back. I would like to get another one but I have yet to have an inspiration on what to get. I would like to get my nose pierced but just never followed through with it. I […]

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