2007 08/03

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Because more of these stupid facts are swirling around in my head:

  • I have one tattoo on my lower back. I would like to get another one but I have yet to have an inspiration on what to get.
  • I would like to get my nose pierced but just never followed through with it.
  • I have never cheated on someone who I was seriously dating.  I have, however, been the “other woman” and been cheated on.
  • I am more attracted to authority than I am good looks.
  • I cannot sleep in the car.  This really sucks on long car trips!
  • In high school I was guilted into going out with a guy because he bought me a dozen white roses.  We went on one date and then I started seriously dating another guy.
  • I do not fall in and out of love easily
  • When I was little I wanted to run away from home but realized I couldn’t because the houses at either end of our road had big dogs that would chase you.  I was too terrified of dogs to chance it.
  • In middle school I took band class (because my friends were taking it).  I used to fake playing my clarinet during the concerts because I didn’t want to want to be one of those kids who let out a loud squeak with their instrument.
  • I tend to have pretty low self-esteem.

Ok, I think that should about do it for a while.  Or at least until tomorrow morning when I’m standing in the shower and have more stupid thoughts.

In Abbi News:  All four of her molars have broke through and one of her canine’s has popped through.  She has been such a trooper with this teething thing.  She gladly takes her Motrin and lets me rub Baby Orajel on her swollen gums — that stuff is a little slice of heaven.  Downside of things is that by the afternoon her teeth hurt so much that she doesn’t want to take a nap.  Thankfully she’s still taking her morning nap.  And when things get especially rough in the afternoon, we always have Blue’s Clues to fall back on.  Those videos can get even the crabbiest Abbi into a tolerable mood.  God bless that animated dog!

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