2007 12/03

DTS recant

This past Fall and last Spring I expressed my utter discontentment with Daylight Saving Time.  The time change really messed up Abbi’s sleeping & napping schedule and, thus, made my life a living hell for about a week.  A week — What’s the big deal? The deal is not only big, it is HUGE!  When you are already sleep deprived, you live for those naps and bedtime and for some stupid time change to take that away from you, well it’s just not right.

But that was then.  I will go on record as saying that this time around “I LOVE Daylight Saving Time!”  Yes, I LOVE it.  I want to marry it!  In the past the Spring DST was not really my favorite because we loose an hour…which means loosing an hour of precious sleep.  Abbi doesn’t understand this so, to her, 8am is really still 7am.  The past two mornings she has not gotten up until after 8am.  What a beautiful mental boost it is to sleep until 8am!  It certainly helps that it stays dark longer in the morning.  She’s also sleeping so much more soundly at night which is helping her to wake up a little more well-rested.  (She tends to be such a thrasher and flopper at night)

So I am officially submitting my apology to Daylight Saving Time.  I’m hoping that the time change will also help us adjust her nap time.  Last week she moved to one-nap-a-day but takes the nap in the early morning.  Although it is a nice long nap, I really think she gets too tired in the afternoon to go without a nap from after lunch until bedtime.  I’m hoping we can slowly move her nap until right after lunch if she is truly going to be a one-nap girl.

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