2007 24/03

It will come as a surprise

A few years ago, when I was coaching college cheerleading, we had a girl on the team who was not allowed to have candy or ice cream or any junk food at home.  Her parents just never allowed it into the house.  Of course when she got to college she went crazy with the candy, ice cream, and junk food because she was out of her mom’s sight.  Irritating enough she was also one of those girls who could eat the entire McDonald’s menu and loose a pound or two.  I, on the other hand, could just look at the menu and gain 10 pounds.  Irritating.  Simply irritating.

I can’t imagine that we will forbid anything (food or otherwise) in our house.  We’ll probably try to keep it in moderation but Abbi will definitely have her fair share of holiday candy (I love Easter candy!!).  However, I can just imagine how she will react when she finds out that yogurt and cottage cheese do not come equipped with chunks of chicken, vegetables, and whatever else I am trying to get her to eat.  Will she decide that it’s just not as good without those food additions?  Or will this be something she brings up to her therapist after years of deception?

Either way, I thank the Lord for yogurt these days.  For a while it was all she would eat because her teeth were hurting so much.  Now I’m combining with bites of chicken because it is easier than fighting with her.  She’s definitely not picky about her yogurt either.  She loves all flavors.  And, as long as she continues to like it, I will continue to feed it to her.

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