2007 29/03

Timmy’s got a new ride

Yup, after going nearly 9 months with just one vehicle, we have now moved back into the world of two vehicles.  We tried the one vehicle thing in hopes of saving some money and getting rid of this huge growth on our asses called debt.  It was a lot easier than we thought it would be because his parents graciously let us use their truck while they were out of the country and even off and on after they got back to the states.  So, it has certainly not been a huge sacrifice.

Anyhow, we decided that with the weather being nicer now and Abbi and I wanting to go to the park and beach, that it would probably not work with us having to share a vehicle.  After a few months of looking, we finally found a truck for him.  Wait….I found a truck for him.  I’m totally taking credit for it because I found it last night on my way home from pilates.  He is pretty happy with it.  Scratch that.  He is super happy with it.  Or at least I’m getting that feeling because he has told me about 10 times that he really likes it and we just picked it up an hour or so ago.

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