2007 26/04

Because I’m a mom or because I’m my mom

Tim loves candles so we usually have a candle sitting on every table in the house.  After burning through a bunch of candles in the basement we decided it was time to buy more while we were out shopping.  Now, I love candles too.  I love coming home to a nice aroma but I hate […]

2007 22/04

Fabulous Spring Weekend

So the weather here in West Michigan has just been fabulous this weekend!  Mid to high 70s and sunny all weekend.  Unfortunately Tim had to make a run to Chicago to help a friend bring back some furniture so that day was pretty much shot.  But today was, well, fabulous! We both napped nearly the […]

2007 18/04

No excuses, just reasons

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.  That is probably an underestimate.  And I have no excuses. Lots of reasons, but no excuses. So, this Spring had certainly not been springy.  We had about a week of fabulous weather and then got dumped on with snow.  Even though the snow has melted it […]

2007 18/04

Taking the hint

The other day the husband came home from work and decided to kiss my neck as I was making him dinner.  He stopped and said, “Hmmm, somebody showered today?” So, apparently I have not been doing my fair share of showering these days.  Honesty though, I do not shower everyday.  Showering while Abbi is awake […]

2007 04/04


If you happen to be looking for a fun indoor activity for your toddler because it’s snowing & blowing outside (in April), steer clear of an public facility (i.e. the mall play area or Crazy Bounce) during Spring Break week.  That is unless you enjoy masses of over-stimulated kids and parents who are counting down […]

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