2007 26/04

Because I’m a mom or because I’m my mom

Tim loves candles so we usually have a candle sitting on every table in the house.  After burning through a bunch of candles in the basement we decided it was time to buy more while we were out shopping.  Now, I love candles too.  I love coming home to a nice aroma but I hate spending all that money on candles.  They seem to be so expensive! And I’ve noticed that we are in a shortage of candles in this town.  Or at least a shortage on candles that I actually like.

I went to two different stores this week looking for candles.  All I could find were over priced candles that smelled less than pleasant.  Everything either smelled like an old man’s cologne or were way to flowery.  I kept going back to the plain ol’ vanilla candles.  And alas, that is what I bought — three vanilla candles.

This is where we come into the question on whether it is because I’ve become a mom and am getting older or if it is because I’m becoming my mom.  Growing up we new that whenever it was time to buy my mom a gift, we could always go to the drug store and pick her up some Vanilla Musk, vanilla body spray, or vanilla candles.  It was the only scent that my mom liked.  Of course me, trying to be a daring and different teenager, I wanted any scent other than plain ol’ vanilla.  But now I’m finding myself drifting toward that plain ol’ vanilla every time.

Go ahead mom, bring out the “I told you so.”  I’m waiting for it.  I deserve it.  And I’m ok with it.

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