2007 22/04

Fabulous Spring Weekend

So the weather here in West Michigan has just been fabulous this weekend!  Mid to high 70s and sunny all weekend.  Unfortunately Tim had to make a run to Chicago to help a friend bring back some furniture so that day was pretty much shot.  But today was, well, fabulous!

We both napped nearly the entire length of Abbi’s 3 hour nap, stopped by to drop off the furniture Tim had still loaded up in his truck, and then headed for the beach.  Even though it wasn’t quite 70 out there, it was still plenty warm and sunny.  The sand felt so good between our toes after they had been cooped up all winter. This was Abbi’s first time to the beach as well.  Being that she was so young last year, we pretty much avoided the beach all summer.  That will not be the case this year.  She loved the beach!

I was a little worried that she wouldn’t like walking in the sand but she was all about it.  She checked out everybody, watched the kitesurfers, and even dipped her piggies in the cold Lake Michigan water.  She of course didn’t like the sand on her fingers so she was always asking us to wipe them off for her.  Which was not bad at all because it kept her close to us.

To top it all off, I’m typing this out on our deck enjoying the cool, quiet of the evening.  I am so looking forward to this summer!  I hope yours was enjoyable and relaxing as well!

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