2007 04/04

Hello world

With the arrival of Spring (although it is blowing snow outside as I type this) Abbi has become aware of this active world around her.  She loves to watch for birds and dogs outside.  She runs to the window and points saying “See? See? See?”.  Whenever she sees an animal, she tries to imitate the sound of that animal….unless it is a duck, where she matter-of-factly says “DUCK!”

It just amazes me how she notices everything these days, even the fly that lands on the window.  Of  course I can’t get any of this on video because she becomes more interested in the camera as soon as I pull it out.  But it does make me more aware of what’s happening around us during the day.  My favorite is when she does her “woof, woof, woof”.  She can’t seem to do it without smiling with her eyes.  I love it!

Here she is playing with her favorite toy — my cell phone.  She has discovered how to make it play the music of my ringtones (and make the occasional random phone call).

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