2007 03/04

If it’s any indication

Let me just tell you how excited and fearful I am of this Summer.  Abbi loves running around outside.  She plays out on the deck, runs through all of our neighbor’s yards, and would probably run for miles if we would let her.  This has me excited that we will get to spend many summer days outside, at the park, and at the beach.  (And it makes me want to kick it in gear and loose some more weight)  I can totally see her as being one of those kids who will need to be drug inside when it is time to eat or go to bed.  Really makes me wish Tim had the summers off, especially since the majority of our friends are teachers and have the summers off.

Oh, so why am I fearful of the summer?  As much as our kid likes to run around, she equally does not like to listen.  This causes a few problems as she is running towards the pond at the park and we’re frantically chasing behind her, picturing a very wet and muddy child.  I really don’t feel like having her stuck in the stroller every time we go somewhere so I’m seriously looking at the kid leashes.

As I was looking at them on line I came across this article that some guy wrote (now I’m wishing I would have bookmarked it) condemning the kid leash and parents who use them.  Basically….not basically, he called parents who use the kid leash lazy parents who should not reproduce and just buy a dog. He specifically was citing a mother who he saw in an airport with her toddler on a leash.  I would like to know if this guy has ever had to travel with a toddler in a busy airport.  My response to him: Would you like to carry that squirmy toddler as you check in, go through security, and carry all of your other luggage?  Or would you just keep them latched in to their stroller the entire time you wait to board, even as they squirm and complain about sitting there?

As you can tell, I’m leaning toward the leash.  What do you think?  Any personal experiences with the leash? Or did you use some other method?  Tim’s thinking about the whole shock collar thing (totally just joking) so we’re open to suggestions!

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