2007 18/04

No excuses, just reasons

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.  That is probably an underestimate.  And I have no excuses. Lots of reasons, but no excuses.

So, this Spring had certainly not been springy.  We had about a week of fabulous weather and then got dumped on with snow.  Even though the snow has melted it is still cold and grey.  Certainly not getting me into the Spring cleaning mood.  I had grand ambitions of doing a huge cleaning out of the house and selling tons of stuff at a garage sale.  I’m thinking that the garage sale will be put off until next year.  Reasons: 1) I have no desire to put it all together. 2) I have no idea what I would do with Abbi during the garage sale.  She is not one to just sit quietly in the corner and play, so it would be a nightmare trying to watch her while having a garage sale.

We’re also beginning to look at moving.  We’re been looking around at houses this last year and I think we’re getting a little more serious about it.  We live in a condo now and have loved it. It’s a good size for us and we do not have to do any shoveling, plowing, or yard work (although I can plant flowers if I want).  It really has worked well for us these last 5 years.  However, with a very, VERY active toddler, we’re thinking it’s time to look at a house with a yard.  Preferably a fenced in yard where she can run and run and run and run and run.

So that is yet another reason why I’m thinking of pushing off of the garage sale until next year.  If we move this Spring or Summer, then I’m sure we’ll come across more stuff that we will want to get rid of.  I’m planning on just starting a huge pile in the basement of “to be garage saled”.  Of course this all means that I’ll have to come up with a whole new list of reasons why not to do a garage sale next spring.

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