2007 30/05

Some of my favorite words

With Abbi’s ever increasing vocabulary I’ve decided that there are a few that I absolutely love more than others.  Of course she’ll pretty much try to repeat different things that you say so I am having to watch what words I use.  There are just certain things I do not want my toddler repeating at […]

2007 28/05

If you can’t beat ’em…

She’s totally figured out the whole hiding the chicken in the yogurt thing.  Thankfully, instead of boycotting chicken AND yogurt, she has taken it upon herself to dip her chicken in her yogurt.  It certainly saves me the time and effort of trying to stealthfully hide the chicken in her spoonful of yogurt without her […]

2007 26/05

A very cuddly morning

This morning Abbi was up at 6:30 again.  I don’t know what it is about that magical 7am but I swear I cannot function before 7am.  I know it is a mental thing because no matter how much sleep I get the night before my ability to spring out of bed in the morning solely […]

2007 21/05


I was going to actually blog tonight since I’ve severely neglected this place for the last month or so but instead I spent the night ironing.  That’s right, ironing 12 shirts, 2 pairs of capris, and 1 pair of pants.  I find ironing so freaking exhausting!  My feet hurt, my back aches, my arms throb.  […]

2007 14/05

Sole survivor

I didn’t really start watching Survivor until just a few seasons ago and it wasn’t until these last two seasons that I really watched it because I got on the “Survivor Board” at my mom’s work.  When money is at stake you become a little more involved in it.  Last year my person didn’t do […]

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