2007 01/05

A sad reality

With all this talk of putting our condo on the market and looking for a new house, Tim and I decided (once again) to try to buckle down on the excess spending.  We tend to eat out quite a bit (mostly fast food) and I have a tendency to buy stuff that we really don’t “need” when I’m grocery shopping.  Of course I try to justify the purchases, but deep down I know Abbi does not need more short sleeve shirts and I don’t need new capris.  I would love for us to be able to enter into a move without all of these stupid little debts we have.  Not that the debts will really affect our moving, it’s more of just a motivation and emotional thing.

This morning I had one of those points of weakness moments.  When Abbi and I are out and about in the mornings I love to go by a certain drive through coffee place to get something yummy to drink and bagel.  As we were coming back home this morning I had to make the choice of turning right to the coffee place or turning left to just come home.  I must admit, I really struggled with it.  I tried justifying it with the ol’ “it’s only $4” argument.  But I held my ground and just turned left to go home (it didn’t hurt that Abbi started to fuss and I knew she needed to get home for a nap).  I wish I could say that I was completely satisfied with that decision, but I still want to go get my chai!

I’m also rethinking the whole garage sale thing. I’m thinking that maybe I will just have a Saturday garage sale, that way Tim can take care of Abbi for the day while I sit and beg people to buy my stuff.  The more we seriously look at moving, the more I really want to get rid of the pile of stuff in my basement.  We started reorganizing our house the other night (a spur of the moment thing) to get rid of the extra clutter.  It really made me want to sell everything we own and buy all new stuff when we move.  Yet another one of my weaknesses.  I tend to get bored with stuff and just want all new stuff. Just another thing that I think my husband wished he had known about me before the whole “I do….’til death do us part….eternity” thing.  Too late now.

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