2007 26/05

A very cuddly morning

This morning Abbi was up at 6:30 again.  I don’t know what it is about that magical 7am but I swear I cannot function before 7am.  I know it is a mental thing because no matter how much sleep I get the night before my ability to spring out of bed in the morning solely depends on those big red digital numbers staring back at me.

This morning was especially hard to “rise and shine” because it was storming outside.  But to my surprise, Abbi decided to crawl back into bed with us.  This is really the first time she has done that.  She’s played on the floor or sat on the floor watching cartoons while we lay in bed dreading getting up, but never has she laid back down in bed with us.  It was just nice. It was a nice way to start off an early, rainy morning instead of being pulled out of bed by a cranky child who wanted to play.  And it was a good way to start off our Holiday weekend!

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