2007 03/05

On being violated

Yesterday I filled up the Mini (That would be minivan, not mini cooper. Unfortunately.) at $2.99/gallon.  I won’t even go into how in awe I was when I was in college and gas hit $1.00/gallon or how in high school we would put $5 worth of gas in our car and be able to cruise around all night.  I filled up at 4pm.  Last night, as I was coming home from a session with the Pilates Natzie, I noticed that gas had now jumped up to $3.20/gallon.  That would be a $0.20 increase in just 3 hours.  Are you kidding me?!?

I don’t understand how gas stations can do this.  I take that back.  I totally see how and why they do this.  Because they can.  Simple as that.  They know that no matter how high they jack those prices, people will need to put gas in their cars.  Unfortunately we do not live in a downtown New York, Chicago, or Seattle where public transportation is a way of life.  We need to fill up to drive to work, to drive to the grocery store.  Seriously.  They have us right where they want us and no gas boycott is going to stop them.  You can get all of your friends and family to partake in a gas-out and refuse to buy gas for a day, a week, or even a month, but the sad reality is that the gas stations & oil companies know that after you’re all done boycotting their outrageous prices you’ll be pulling in to pump that liquid gold into your SUV.

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